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Air Drills

Maximise productivity
and seed at higher speeds

5000HD Air Drill

Delivers accurate seed placement with on row packing and put seed and fertiliser in the right place for faster, more even germination. It delivers accurate seed placement with on row packing.

5500 Air Drill

Features a patented two-piece wing, with simple, parallel-circuit hydraulics, to minimise stress on the framework while ensuring depth accuracy.

6100 Precision Disc™ Drill

Parallel-link system ensures even depth placement no matter the terrain. Variable down-pressure springs apply correct pressure to ensure better penetration in varying residue and soil conditions.

Place seed and fertilizer right where you choose

Place seed and fertilizer right where you choose with Flexi-Coil’s adjustable, flexible and efficient air drills.

The 5000HD and 5500 Air Drills offer multiple bar configurations for adaptable row spacing, four-row tynes, and rubber and steel packing systems that improve the ride and apply less packing pressure in heavy, sticky soil conditions. And of course, they provide great depth control and placement accuracy.

The 6100 Precision Disc Drills are designed to maximise productivity and allow you to seed at higher speeds and spend less time on daily maintenance.

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