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Getting the Dirt on Soil Compaction

15 June 2023
Soil compaction is a widespread agricultural problem that affects crop yields and overall soil health. It occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing the space available for air and water, which are essential for plant growth. As a result, plant roots struggle to penetrate the compacted soil, leading to stunted growth and reduced yields. In addition, compacted soil is more prone to erosion, which can cause further loss of topsoil and nutrients.

Disc seeding for zero till farming: the pros and cons

15 April 2023
Soil is one of Australia’s most valuable resources. Each year, soil contributes around $63 billion to the Australian economy through agricultural production. It stands to reason that soil should be kept healthy and sustainable. This is part of why zero till farming, with its less disruptive approach to farming, has grown in popularity.

Everything you need to know about inter-row sowing

15 March 2023
Inter-row sowing has been a greatly debated practice in Australia’s agricultural sphere since the early 2000s. The practice involves retaining the previous year’s stubble rows and sowing crops in between those rows. Inter-row sowing is known to help improve crop emergence in various ways due to the retained stubble providing a number of benefits.

The new Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill maximises productivity

08 May 2019
Ben Marshman was so impressed with Flexi-Coil’s new 6100 Precision Disc™ Drill that he bought a 60ft drill and a Flexi-Coil 4460 air cart after trialling them last year.

WA operation increase efficiency by 20%

13 October 2017
Since upgrading to Flexi-Coil’s 7660 air cart and 5500 80 ft air drill last year, grain farmer Rodd King has noticed a 20% increase in efficiency on his 5,500 ha operation.

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