WA operation increase efficiency by 20%

Since upgrading to Flexi-Coil’s 7660 air cart and 5500 80 ft air drill last year, grain farmer Rodd King has noticed a 20% increase in efficiency on his 5,500 ha operation.
“The efficiency is due to the size of the cart and width of the drill,” says Rodd, who has been using Flexi-Coil since 1996 for his wheat, canola, barley and fava bean operation in Cascade, Western Australia.

The 7760 air cart has a capacity of 26,782 L, with four tanks and a small seeds tank capacity of 1,233 L while the 5500 air drills are the biggest that Flexi-Coil makes. In addition to the sheer size of the equipment, Rodd notes that the 7760’s quick conveyor belt filling system and sectional control are helping with efficiency on the farm.

“The quick fill conveyor system works well and the sectional control is good but the air drill’s trash clearance is really the highlight of the equipment,” says Rodd.
“Trash flow is excellent. That was a big thing we were after and it did a really good job,” he says.

The lack of in-frame wheels on the 5000 and 5500 model air drills combined with Rodd’s 12-inch row spacing ensures optimal trash clearance for a more accurate seeding process. The press wheels have a flatter profile that help lessen the packing pressure, which is ideal for soils where packing pressure is an issue.

And while Flexi-Coil keeps upping the game in terms of innovation, it’s the quality and durability that keeps Rodd supporting the brand. “I know the product and the build quality and durability is good,” Rodd says. “I also get great support from my local dealer.”