Flexi-Coil, Horwood Bagshaw and Paxton Plow together for the first time

Over 50 Flexi-Coil, Paxton Plow and Horwood Bagshaw dealers convened last month at the first ever business meeting for the three brands.
Flexi-Coil, Horwood Bagshaw and Paxton Plow business leader, Steve Mulder, said the two-day event in Tailem Bend, South Australia, with its focus on strategy, climate trends and new products, was a big success.

“Dealers flew in from around the country to take their seat at the table and find out about the exciting times ahead for Flexi-Coil, Paxton Plow and Horwood Bagshaw and how we can help our customers farm sustainably,” Steve said.

“With Flexi-Coil, we will continue to deliver the best in innovation from North America and with Paxton Plow and Horwood Bagshaw, we can offer growers Australian designed and manufactured products, right here in Australia.”

Steve said a highlight for dealers was the opportunity to find out more about Flexi-Coil’s expanding range, which means dealers can give customers the best machine for their conditions.
“Flexi-Coil’s new 7200 Precision Hoe Drill, PS300 Precision Seeder and the 6100 Precision Disc™ Drill all got dealers talking.

“We also had on display a Horwood Bagshaw 19,000L air seeder with two granular bins and integrated liquid tank. This air seeder features the latest rate controller technology – the HB1 controller, and customers can opt for a tow behind or tow between configuration.”

The introduction of Paxton Plow, the newest addition to the Flexi-Coil range, was another highlight, with grower, Kevin Heidrich, on hand to talk about the need to adapt to climate variability.
Kevin grows barley, wheat and lupin on an 11,000-hectare property at Galga, South Australia, part of which has sandy rises.

“Even in seasons with better rainfall than we see now, we still lack moisture up on those hills,” Kevin said.

Kevin trialled a deep ripper in 2018 and when he saw the increase in yield, he went out and ordered a Paxton Plow the next day.

“I was really impressed – I could stick my arm into the rip up to the elbow,”

This year, Kevin deep ripped 1,500 hectares with his new Paxton Plow 40ft and is expecting a major improvement in yield at harvest.
“We can’t change environmental challenges, but we can change the way we farm. Climate variability means getting the most out of the land you’ve got: you have to try and get every dollar out of every acre.”

Paxton Plow’s market-leading SR4 Series, SR6 Series and the new SR7 Series Soil Renovator were another drawcard.

Not to be outdone, Horwood Bagshaw’s all-new Narrow Fold Scaribar, with 18m working width, impressed dealers with its under 6m transport width.

Horwood Bagshaw, based in Mannum, South Australia, joined the Flexi-Coil family in 2018 and is well known for its Scaribar, PSS, air seeder, and grader scraper products, all designed and built specifically for Australian conditions.

“It’s a really exciting time to be a part of Flexi-Coil,” said Steve Mulder.

“Our machines give growers the technology, productivity and efficiency they need to produce more food more sustainably, from the same amount of land.”

Flexi-Coil is a part of CNH industrial. Find out more at flexicoil.com.au