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Flexi-Coil’s products standalone in terms of accuracy, innovation and efficiency.

From our unrivalled air delivery system to the full section control and customisable configuration options, these features ensure the job can be done better, faster and easier.

Flexi-Coil is an integral part of the success of Australia’s leading broadacre farmers and we take pride in the relationships we have formed with our dealerships and customers. For a limited time we are offering finance from 0.49%* across the range for orders placed before December 31st, 2021.

Air Drills

Model # Stock # Avail.Available
5000-51-10 or 12-4R - TBH DS SN#07
5500-6010-10-4R SN#08
5500-6012-12-4R SN#09
5500-70-10-4R - TBH DS SN#10
5500-80-10-4R - TBH DS SN#11
5500-80-10-4R - TBH DS SN#12

Precision Disc Drills

Model # Stock # Avail.Available
6100-30-7.5 SN#13
6100-40-7.5 SN#14