Forward order NOW for the 2022 season

2021 is set to be one of the best years Australian farming has ever seen but don’t let supply chain uncertainly impact your ability to double down and make the 2022 season a great year too. Plan ahead now and lock in your order to set up your next season for success.

To make the most of the seasons, you need the best gear – and Flexi-Coil can help you with a range of deals and offers available right now, including 0%* finance for three years on orders placed before June 30 2021.

Air Drills

Model # Stock # Avail.Available
5000-51-10 or 12-4R - TBH DS SN#07
5500-6010-10-4R SN#08
5500-6012-12-4R SN#09
5500-70-10-4R - TBH DS SN#10
5500-80-10-4R - TBH DS SN#11
5500-80-10-4R - TBH DS SN#12

Precision Disc Drills

Model # Stock # Avail.Available
6100-30-7.5 SN#13
6100-40-7.5 SN#14